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Weekly Cooking Sessions

Stress free meal planning


Home Cooking by Sistah Bell's Food and Catering includes: Customized Menu Planing, Cooking, and Storing with easy to follow re-heating instructions. The fee ranges from $120-$325 per cooking session (not including groceries).The fee depends on the amount of servings and meals prepared for your dietary needs and how many lunches and dinners per week will help you. Table-Side Service available. In just 3 easy steps......


After an initial consultation via phone or email we will send you our new client survey where we learn all of your "likes and dislikes" as well as any dietary requirements, allergies, and or special needs.


From there we will design your weekly palate specific menus that are delicious and nutritious just for you and your loved ones. At this time your personal chef will discuss the frequency of cook sessions that are budget friendly to meet your needs. All of our meals are created with FRESH and organic ingredients. Gluten-Free, Low-Carb, Vegetarian, Vegan, and Lactose Free are available for your menu planing. Your personal chef will bring any kitchen gear you don't have or all of it when needed. 


Finally, we will then schedule our first cooking session and establish how you would like your meals stored. Individual or family style; glassware or disposable containers.

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